Episode 08 'Nick Toczek's Cracker'

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  • Song Name: Episode 08 'Nick Toczek's Cracker'
  • Artist: A History Of Comedy In Several Objects
  • Album: A History Of Comedy In Several Objects Podcast
  • Year: 2017

Good news everyone! We have a new episode of our weekly podcast for you, featuring your two favourite comedy archivists, Oliver Double and Elspeth Millar. Grab your knife and forks and get ready for your platter of stand-up history as we tuck into another serving of archive object analysis. Sounds delicious and informative! In this we look at a range of different flyers with multiple styles from Nick Toczek's Comedy Cracker, which had great line-ups in the 1990's, featuring one of your favourite podcast hosts performing. Yes that's right! In this we have a clip of Oliver Double compering a show. This episode also features Olly doing a Mancunian accent (on two separate occasions). You will be sure to enjoy it. Please also be sure to subscribe and review us on iTunes.