Episode 09 'Porky's Red Wedge Cartoon'

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  • Song Name: Episode 09 'Porky's Red Wedge Cartoon'
  • Artist: A History Of Comedy In Several Objects
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  • Year: 2017

Get out of the podcast bed, put on your headphone slippers and open up your iTunes curtains for another weekly instalment of A History of Comedy in Several Objects, in which Elspeth and Olly bring sunshine to the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive and analyse a comic object of historical worth. In this episode, we look at the Red Wedge Comedy Tour, a run of 1980's pro-Labour performances featuring comedians and musicians, like Billy Bragg, Mark Miwurdz and Porky the Poet. Listen in for an exclusive archive interview with Phill Jupitus from 2015, plus Olly and Elspeth’s dramatic reading of Porky’s strip cartoon from the Red Wedge Comedy Tour programme. Voice-over artists – beware! Subscribe to us on iTunes, and please leave a review!
Oops - also we have a slight error to correct. In this episode Elspeth mentions that the year is 1985, however we have to make a correction and say that the year is actually and factually, 1986. Many apologies. See you all next week.