Episode 14 'Angela Barnes Chooses Post-it Notes'

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  • Song Name: Episode 14 'Angela Barnes Chooses Post-It Notes'
  • Artist: A History Of Comedy In Several Objects
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  • Year: 2017

Put your apron on, grab your baker's whites and don some oven mitts, as you get ready for a freshly baked episode of A History of Comedy in Several Objects. Mmm! It's the best thing since sliced podcast! (This analogy would have been more ideal on episode 13, as it would have been our baker's dozen. Still, never mind.) This week, the brilliantly funny comedian Angela Barnes visits the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive to look at a whole swathe of material relating to her comic hero, Linda Smith. Which object will she pick out as her favourite? You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out! (Either that or, er, just read the title of the episode.) Don't be a sourdough, download and subscribe to our podcast – and please leave us a review on iTunes!