Episode 23 'New Variety Cabaret Agency'

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  • Song Name: Episode 23 'New Variety Cabaret Agency'
  • Artist: A History Of Comedy In Several Objects
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  • Year: 2017

Just like a French exchange scheme for surly 15-year-old schoolkids, this episode of A History of Comedy in Several Objects sees us paying a visit to unknown territory to learn more about life in another culture. You’ll hear Elspeth Millar and Oliver Double leave the confines of the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive at the University of Kent to pay a visit to another archive – the Hackney Empire Collection at the University of East London. There they meet UEL’s archivist Paul Dudman, and they compare notes on the importance of CAST New Variety in the spread of the London comedy circuit in the 1980s, as well as discussing how Roland and Claire Muldoon managed to rescue the Hackney Empire from being a mere bingo hall, and turn it back into a theatre. And just like surly 15-year-olds on a French exchange, Elspeth and Olly return home with their minds expanded – but without a load of illicit duty free hastily stuffed into their duffel bags. Ooh la la! Why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter @HistComPod? And maybe leave us a 5 star review on iTunes?