Episode 28 'Ivor Dembina's Pranksters Catalogue'

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  • Song Name: Episode 28 'Ivor Dembina's Pranksters Catalogue'
  • Artist: A History of Comedy in Several Objects
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  • Year: 2018

Choo Choo! Welcome aboard the Podcast Express to A History Of Comedy In Several Objects. Your conductors for the trip will be Dr Oliver Double and Elspeth Millar. In this episode, everybody will feel like they are in First Class when they listen to our exclusive interview with Ivor Dembina about the 1980s alternative comedy scene, and how his Pranksters organisation helped it to spread and grow. You’ll hear him go through the first edition of the Pranksters catalogue and discuss all the acts it contains. Some are names you’ll recognise (e.g. the Oblivion Boys, Lee Cornes, Jenny Éclair, Clive Anderson, Ronnie Golden, John Hegley) and some even Ivor can’t remember (e.g. Christians from Outer Space). This is 12:28 train to Funsville, making stops at Interesting Town, History City and Analysis Central. Instead of buying over-priced snacks, why don't you pay us a visit on iTunes and give us a 5 Star Review. Mind The Gap when you get off (The Gap is about a month apart).