Episode 31 'Cabaret a Go Go'

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  • Song Name: Episode 31 'Cabaret a Go Go'
  • Artist: A History of Comedy in Several Objects
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  • Year: 2018

It’s episode 31 we’re cookin’! All you cats are gonna flip your lids and razz your berries as Elspeth and Olly discuss the craziest beatnik the 1980s had to offer in, er, Newcastle. Yes, it’s the one and only Cabaret a Go Go! Dig? Check out our interview with its founder, Ray Campbell (AKA Buddy Hell), who looks through a whole stack of Cabaret a Go Go posters and talks about how it fitted into the scene in the North East. If you’re interested in provincial alternative comedy, this episode’s for you. It’s hip, it’s a gas, it’s neat-o,! Why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter @HistComPod? And maybe leave us a 5 star review on iTunes? Later, daddy-O!