Episode 32 'Linda Smith's Erith Joke'

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  • Song Name: Episode 32 'Linda Smith's Erith Joke'
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  • Year: 2018

The recent film Funny Cow uses one of the late, great Linda Smith’s signature jokes without permission or attribution. In this episode, Elspeth and Olly look through Linda’s old set-lists and unpublished recordings going back to the 1980s to trace the origins of the joke, and look into how it fits into her development as a comedian. You’ll hear different versions of the gag at different points in her career, to show how it changed and developed. It’s still quoted as one of Linda’s best jokes today. So what is the gag? All I’ll say is if you’re a fan of Linda’s – and not so much of her home town Erith – you probably already know it. In any case, listen to the episode and find out. Why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter @HistComPod? And maybe leave us a 5 star review on iTunes?