Episode 33 'Felix Dexter Interview, 1990'

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  • Year: 2018

Just about in time to catch the end of Black History Month, this episode’s object from the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive is an interview from 1990 with the late, great pioneer of black British stand-up, Felix Dexter. We place this in context by talking to two very different comedians – Ray Campbell performed as Buddy Hell on the 1980s alternative cabaret circuit, and John Simmit set up the mighty Upfront Comedy Club, helping to build the black British comedy scene for well over two decades. Both talk about their own experiences as black British stand-ups, and working with Felix, giving their impressions of him both as a comedian and as a person. Plus we might just have squeezed in a question for John about being in Teletubbies. If you like this podcast, please tell your friends, share on social media, and leave us a 5* review on iTunes.